'; Sonic The Hedgehog Pixel Art Minecraft

Sonic The Hedgehog Pixel Art Minecraft

Sonic the hedgehog minecraft map here is my first pixel art project i have been working on this one is sonic the hedgehog and used 5 different colours of wool.

Sonic the hedgehog pixel art minecraft. Why not follow along with me and build this for yourself. Also take into account this was m. How to build a 3d pixel art of a sonic the hedgehog. Ram kaos uchiha vainglory.

Pixel art star wars pixel art marvel pixel art anime minecraft pixel art minecraft kunst disney minecraft minecraft houses graph paper drawings graph paper art. I did it in creative mode with no mods or other programs used it was all done by hand view map now. The minecraft map sonic the hedgehog pixel art was posted by k seamus. Watch as i build this stunning 3d pixel art model of sonic the hedgehog.

This took me around 2 hours to complete and is my very first attempt at really big pixel art. The minecraft map pixel art. I havent watched it back but im sure i say some stuff which is no longer relevant and outdated so take that into account. Iramkaos minecraft pe.

It also took me approximately 2 hours to do more pixel art should be soon deejay view map now. Home home arrowright minecraft community content arrowright maps arrowright pixel art. Blue woollapis lazuli block skin. Sonic the hedgehog sonic cd duration.

Sonic the hedgehog was posted by superkonata.