'; Sonic The Hedgehog Longclaw Voice

Sonic The Hedgehog Longclaw Voice

The film is directed by jeff fowler in his feature directorial debut from a screenplay by pat casey and josh miller.

Sonic the hedgehog longclaw voice. Voiced by donna jay fulks. Voiced by ben schwartz and 1 other. Voice actress donna jay fulks is a actress and voice actress. Cast in credits order complete awaiting verification.

She is an anthropomorphic owl who was the protector of sonic the hedgehog from another planet. It also stars james marsden jim carrey and ben schwartz as the voice of sonic the hedgehog. Sonic the hedgehog film sonic the hedgehog is a 2020 live actioncg animated adventure comedy film based on the video game franchise published by sega. Sonic voice james marsden.

Donna jay fulks is the voice of longclaw in sonic the hedgehog. Valic as a child. Sonic the hedgehog franchise. Longclaw is a minor supporting character in the sonic the hedgehog film who resembles a great horned owl and serves as a parental figure to the films titular protagonist until sonic was forced flee from her and from pursuing echidnas who want sonics power for themselves.

She is voiced by donna jay fulks. She appears in sonic the hedgehog feature film as the voice of longclaw. Longclaw is an anthropomorphic owl with purple brown feathers while her face is white blue eyes she has two feathers coming from behind her ear tufts that is a reminiscent of a great horned owl and mottled brown wings. Voiced by colleen oshaughnessey.

Longclaw is a minor protagonist that appears in the sonic the hedgehog film.